Boxing: Floyd Mayweather – The Champions Gift

So Floyd Mayweather drawing on his class, confidence and talent, sees off the spirited challenge of Ricky ‘The Hit-Man’ Hatton. There is something about great champions when they come under pressure from a hungry challenger. Something about how they revel in the knowledge that their crown is under threat. Something about how they go to a place within, that simply will not allow everything they have worked for and suffered for to be taken away from them. It will not happen.

It means they can match the desire of the challenger. Often the area in which complacent champions become undermined. But not Floyd Mayweather. This is a man whose value for his achievements match his talent. The feelings of early life struggle etched into his soul. And informing his attitude every time he is challenged. Creating a bond between the champion and his art that is unbreakable. Only when age or fatigue catches up with him, would you expect Floyd Mayweather to lose that critical sense of champion self-worth.

Ricky Hatton, as expected, gave his all. But when up against a champion who has no intention of surrendering his hard fought for status, then sometimes you can only wait. Wait for the day when that champion is be ready to surrender their crown. Ready to move on. Ready for another personal challenge. Last night, Floyd Mayweather was not ready for such acquiescence.

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