Cricket: Kevin Pietersen – Seizing The Moment

It’s the special players, who can raise their game, on the big occasion. Not fearful of failure. But relishing the chance to demonstrate their excellence. Inspired by the challenge. Supremely confident in their own ability. This was Kevin Pietersen at Lord’s today.

It’s as if the special players, have a sixth sense, which gets triggered on these days. A sense, which smells and tastes the atmosphere. That instinctively knows, that something is ‘on’. That its not just another day, in the never-ending cricket roadshow. But a day that has significance.

And in the presence of that significance, the special players find their ‘A’ games. That’s what distinguishes them, from the rest. They can lift themselves to another level. Beyond the ordinary. To heights, where focus, concentration and timing are as one. No effort. Just a seamless flow, of a player in tune with his game.

Everything falls into place. The venue; the crowd; the opposition; the match situation; the history. Like a perfect script. The special player strides out into the arena, seizing the moment. Doubt does not exist. Only a timeless feeling, that this is how it was meant to be.

This was Kevin Pietersen’s day. The player with the emotional maturity, to handle the potency of the occasion. That’s what made him special today

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