Tennis: Rafael Nadal – Breaking The Stop Situation

So, Spaniard Rafael Nadal, secures his first Wimbledon title. Winning out, in a gladiatorial contest with the five-times champion, where his will and resolve was tested to its absolute limit.

Coming so soon after Spain’s triumph at Euro’ 2008, Nadal’s Wimbledon breakthrough, should come as no great surprise. The Spanish footballers success, broke a stop situation. That country had been serial under performers, on football’s main stage, for many years.

Becoming European Champions, sent out a message, to all Spaniards. A message, that they could succeed in the big sporting events. The contests that matter. And with that, brings an increasing sense of belief. As if the limits of possibility have been removed. That there was no longer a psychological barrier, hanging over the nation. That self-sabotage, did not have to be the way of it.

That a success for one, creates opportunity for all. In the same way that England’s 2003 Rugby World Cup success, paved the way for the 2005 Ashes triumph.

With the 2008 Open Golf Championship coming up, it would be no surprise to see Sergio Garcia, lifting the Claret Jug at Royal Birkdale, on the Sunday. Now happier with his putting; radiating a calmness on the greens; Garcia is perfectly placed, in the absence of Tiger Woods, to capitalise on this Spanish breakthrough time.

No longer serial under performers. No longer choking at the critical moments. A transformation has occurred, in how the Spanish think about themselves, on the world sporting stage. Now, at last, they can match their undoubted natural talent, with the mental strength and belief, comensurate with high-level achievement.

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