Football: David Beckham – Good For Morale?

Even before he is officially unveiled, LA Galaxy president Alexei Lalas informs us that David Beckham’s imminent arrival has had an adverse affect on the Major League side. LA Galaxy are near the bottom of the Western Division.

The phone-ins are asking the sports psychology experts, ‘So how will Beckham’s arrival impact on the morale and team-spirit of the Galaxy’?

It could go two ways:

1) Beckham’s presence and huge wages could cause resentment amongst his colleagues. For his 125m. they will expect him to better than Pele and Maradona combined and win every game by himself. They will feel excluded as he enjoys all the limelight and a significant anti-Beckham clique could develop. The schedules will be arranged around him, making it feel like a one man show. They will come up against their own self-doubts, as they are exposed to world-wide media coverage and analysis. Am I good enough?

2) Beckham’s presence could lift his team-mates to levels they have not previously attained. His natural enthusiasm can rub off on them. He can introduce them to new skills and tricks, as well as success habits and attitudes. They can enjoy the benefits his presence brings, as the win bonuses come in regularly. His team ethic can create a strong collective atmosphere amongst the squad. They will be able to tell their children and grand-children that they played alongside David Beckham.

Sports Psychology Summary…
It’s a great opportunity for the LA Galaxy players to carve a reputation for themselves. They can become household names, by virtue of association. It all depends on their attitude, their belief in themselves and the ability of coach Frank Yallop to integrate a superstar into a team of journeymen.

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