Rugby: Lawrence Dallaglio – Lifting The Lid

First it was Lawrence Dallaglio. Then Mike Catt. Followed by Duncan Fletcher. Now Peter Ridsdale. All with books to sell. And stories to tell. Stories from inside the dressing room. Juicy stories that we usually don’t get to hear unless we were there. All apart from Catt appear to have unresolved issues. Dallaglio – frustrated at being a bit part player in the 2007 World Cup. Fletcher – anxious to distance himself from an under performing England team. Ridsdale – keen to redirect some of blame for Leeds United dramatic fall from grace.

Using the medium of a book as therapy, makes sound economic sense. These kind of revelations are usually the sole preserve of the dressing room and close confidants. Now they are available for all of us. We can’t help but want to know more.

However, whilst this might provide temporary catharsis for the authors, it could be seen to be damaging to their credibility. Surely it would be better to set out to right perceived wrongs through their specialist disciplines. Dallaglio could use his pent up frustration to become a coach. Take on and build a team in his own image. Challenge himself to take a team of underachievers to Heineken Cup success.

Duncan Fletcher could set himself a challenge of taking a serially under performing county, like say, Northants, to the County Championship. Or on the world stage, a New Zealand or South Africa to World Cup success.

Success after success. This is the way to set the record straight. To overcome perceived wrongs. To rewrite history. To let people know just how good you really are. That past blips were no more than that. It’s usually a motive that powers great achievements. Fletcher and Dallaglio have the talent to still make a huge contribution to their sports. Lets hope they still have the desire to do so.

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