Tennis: Andy Murray – A Stuart Pearce Moment!

Andy Murray’s behaviour on Wimbledon’s Centre Court, on Monday evening, raised a number of eyebrows. The traditionalists, were disapproving, of his high-energy histrionics. Seeing them, as not in keeping, with the Wimbledon code of ethics and behaviour.

Murray, however, was very successful, in empowering the Centre Court crowd, to raise their noise levels, to raise his game. The player and the crowd were as one.

But maybe other things were happening to Murray. With his clenched fists, and bulging veins, it looked as if the Scotsman, was trying to exorcise some personal demons.

Trying to rid himself, of past doubts, pressures and uncertainties. Release, deep seated emotions. A tennis player, on the brink of a career breakthrough. Not prepared to sit back, and be subject to any limiting beliefs.

Now that he has experienced an emotional breakthrough, it will be interesting to observe, if Murray is as highly charged, against Nadal. Maybe, with some negative emotions released, he will be calmer and quieter, in the games critical moments.

Or perhaps he will feel, that he has created a powerful emotional formula that works, and return to it again. The more resistance and struggle, a player has experienced in their career, the deeper the well of negative emotion. These Wimbledon Centre Court battles, do create an opportunity, for Andy Murray to release the shackles of his past.

Murray’s high-energy celebrations, may not meet with the approval of the Wimbledon traditionalists. But it may be the herald, of that long awaited breakthrough in British tennis.

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