Sports Psychology: Mark Walsh – Motivation!

Darts PsychologyMark Walsh has just destroyed Dave Chisnall in the first round of the World Matchplay. Normally, the winning player is taken up to the Sky studio, for a post-match chat with Dave Clarke.

Unsurprisingly, we don’t get to hear Walsh’s post-match analysis. In face we rarely do.

When he beat Alan Tabern in the second round of last years World Championships, the man from Watford was interviewed somewhere on the floor by Dave Clarke. And Walsh let Clarke know directly what he thought of Sky’s evasive interview policy.

‘We love you really’ was the sycophantic Clarke’s feeble response. But Walsh was having none of it. Sky clearly feel, that he doesn’t fit the mould of the TV friendly face of darts. He just looks too hard!

But for Mark Walsh this should be a blessing. For Sky’s rejection of him, is a perfect motivational tool. Sir Alex Ferguson would love it. Having an enemy to focus his team’s mind. A THEM.

When you have a THEM, it should make the US more focused and concentrated. For Mark Walsh, it’s an opportunity to create some real edge in his game. Not so much, that he becomes tense and anxious.

But enough to give him a real desire to prove a point. Sky don’t like him. He doesn’t belong in the cozy smug world of Dave Clarke, Barney and Phil.

It’s perfect motivational fuel. Right…Im going to go out and win this event…just so you have to interview me!

James Wade is in a good place right now. Personally happy and throwing well. But he doesn’t have a point to prove to anyone. Mark Walsh has. And that hunger should make him a very dangerous proposition come Wednesday night at the Winter Gardens.

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